D I S A S T E R S   D O N ‘ T   P L A N   A H E A D    .  .  .     W E  C A N.

Our mission is to assist and recovery response in the event of a catastrophic natural disaster. Our volunteer block captains will be the key player between residents and emergency operations efforts. For the block captains to be effective, it is vital that we know a little about your household. Please act now and register your information.

  1. About the Block Captain Program
  2. Why We Need Your Information
  3. Disaster 101
  4. Get Ready!
  5. How Our Community is Preparing

About Our Block Captain Program

The Cornerstone of Sound Emergency Preparedness
Block Captain Program Committee

The program is part and parcel of the Districts ongoing efforts to update its emergency preparedness planning. As natural disasters escalate in frequency we know that being prepared – at the household and community level – improves outcomes.

Over the past year, our emergency response Team (ERT) members have been working hard to recruit and train volunteer block captains for every street in our community. Our block captains will act as the conduit between neighbors and emergency services should disaster strike. They will be responsible for surveying their block, identifying needs, and reporting back to the Districts Emergency Operations Center through their two-way radios. They are NOT there to provide direct assistance or supplies. Households are responsible for ensuring they have adequate supplies of their own.

In order for our block captains to do their jobs, it’s important that they know a bit about your household, including particular vulnerabilities. We can’t require you to share your information with us, but doing so will ensure that you don’t get forgotten.

Why We Need Your Information

Knowing Your Household Will Help Us to Help You

One of the biggest challenges that rescue and recovery teams face in the immediate aftermath of a natural disaster is knowing who is accounted for and who is not – and who needs assistance most urgently. If our block captains know about the composition of households in their street, they can work quickly to assess who has the most pressing needs and communicate that information to our Emergency Operations Center through their two-way radios. If we know nothing about your household, you could be overlooked.

Telling us a bit about your household, including family pets, along with any special circumstances to watch out for, will help our block captains do their jobs. Having your contact details will help us more readily establish if you are out of town.

We know that sharing your information is hard. Maintaining your privacy is of the utmost importance to us. Your information will be only accessed by our block captain coordinator at the District Office.  A printout of your information will be shared with your street’s block captains. They will need this information at hand should disaster strike.

Disaster 101

Why Bel Marin Keys is Vulnerable

There a many wonderful aspects to living in Bel Marin Keys , but one of the downsides is that we are vulnerable to natural disasters – earthquakes, flooding, and wildfires, in particular. We live in close proximity to some of the country’s most dangerous fault lines.

Living on the water and close proximity of the wetlands makes us vulnerable. A major hydrological event could take out our one road in and out of the community and thereby cutting us off from the outside world. Modeling suggests we could be on our own for 5-7 days, possibly without electricity, water, sewer or communications. It is vital that we work together as a community during this time. Getting prepared is the first step.

Get Ready

Are You Ready for the Big One?

If there is one thing we know about natural disasters, it’s that they are unpredictable. Intellectually we know the risks we face are great, yet many of us remain woefully unprepared for a catastrophic event. Depending on the type of event, we could be forced to evacuate at short notice or, alternatively, have to shelter in place for a sustained period of time with severe impediments which could include:

  • No electricity, water, or sewer.
  • Failing communications.
  • Bel Marin Keys inaccessible.
  • Residents separated from family members.
  • Injuries.
  • Fire and police departments dealing with more serious situations and unable to respond quickly to issues in Bel Marin Keys .

The critical piece to keeping your family safe, is being prepared.  Here are the key steps:


Sign up for Alert Marin to receive emergency notifications via email, phone and text from your local fire and police departments. Program 840 AM on your car radio. This frequency will be used to broadcast across the Peninsula in the event of a disaster.


Navigate to Ready Marin, which outlines preparatory measures that all residents should take. Here is its Ready Marin Checklist Bundle (PDF), a cut-to-the-chase cheat sheet.


Know who your block captains are and register your household information with the District.


Familiarize yourself with Bel Marin Keys  Evacuation Map (PDF). (to be completed)


Take a Get Ready class. The class covers the A-Z of how to prepare for, respond to and recover from all types of disaster. These classes are hugely popular so don’t delay in signing up. Space is limited.

How Our Community is Preparing for Disaster

We Take Your Safety Very Seriously

Ensuring the safety of our residents is a top priority for the District. Our block captain program is a vital addition to our plans.

Here are a few important points to bear in mind should disaster strike:

  • ERT members – led by our Command Center will direct our response and recovery efforts.
  • Operations will be run from our Emergency Operations Center (EOC), located at the Community Center. The EOC is not intended to be accessed by the general public.
  • Block Captains will interface with the EOC through their two-way radios.
  • First-aid facilities will be announced by the Block Captains. First-aid supplies are maintained at locations in the Community and will be moved to the designated first-aid locations when they have been designated.

Volunteer to be a Block Captain

Register Your Household Information