What is a Special District? A Special District is a unit of local government established by residents of an area, within City limits or in unincorporated areas, to provide a specialized service not provided by the County or City. Within California there are approximately 3,400 Special Districts. The authority of a Special District is restricted by its enumerated powers and purposes.

Origins of  Bel Marin Keys Community: Bel Marin Keys is a waterfront development located in an unincorporated portion of northeastern Marin County, California, approximately 3 miles east of US 101, 4 miles east of the City of Novato and approximately 25 miles north of the City of San Francisco. A community of 702 single family homes, Bel Marin Keys is surrounded by open space, bounded by tidal wetlands owned by the California State Coastal Conservancy to the south; east and west of Novato Creek and farm land managed by the Novato Sanitary District and the County of Marin Flood Control District to the North and Northeast. The community surrounds two man made lagoons, each in excess 100 acres, which open to Novato Creek via locks and provide homeowners with water access to San Pablo Bay.

Approximately 70% of the community was subdivided from the period 1962 through 1965 by Jack and Evelyn West. The remainder of the community was subdivided in 1981 and 1982 by Home Savings of America, with construction of units following soon after. With the exception of a 30-unit townhome (the Gardens of Bel Marin) and a 12 unit town home (Bermuda Harbor), each home has a back-yard water access to either one of the two lagoons or to the Novato Creek.  The residents of the Gardens of Bel Marin share a private dock on the North Lagoon.        Bel-Marin-Keys-Original-Brochure

The Bel Marin Keys Community Services District (BMKCSD): The BMKCSD was created via resolution at a meeting held on June 26, 1961, by the Marin County Board of Supervisors BMKCSD Enabling Resolution 6797. The BMKCSD is a non-enterprise Special District, which means that the District derives virtually all its revenue from a percentage of the property taxes collected by the County of Marin. The BMKCSD is a public entity. It is NOT a homeowners association. The BMKCSD is subject to numerous statutory requirements such as public meetings and public contracting laws. The BMKCSD is governed by a five-member Board of Directors elected to a staggered four year term; by voters residing within the boundaries of Bel Marin Keys. All parcels within BMK are subject to Covenant Codes and Restriction (CC&R’s) designed for each unit within Bel Marin Keys. The BMKCSD is subject to all Marin County Ordinances, and a few apply solely to the BMKCSD, such as Chapter 36-Harbor and Waterways (

Services Provided: Apart from its approximately 200 acres of waterways, the BMKCSD is responsible for the maintenance of eight parks, four boat ramps/docks, two navigational locks, numerous open spaces, public lighting and levee.

Essential services are provided to residents from other agencies which include water supply, sewage, garbage, fire and police services, public education, libraries and roadway maintenance, and utilities. The total population serviced by the District is approximately 2,500. Click to view the Boundary Service Area.

Mission Statement: The mission of the Bel Marin Keys Community Services District is to protect and enhance a healthy and unique community by:
-Providing unique services which include street lighting, access to boat ramp and  navigational locks, levees and access to Novato Creek
-Maintain safe water quality of the lagoons for recreation
-Preserve and maintain District-owned parks and open space

The BMKCSD Board of Directors has a responsibility to protect and maintain the interest of the community at large and work to ensure the community’s waterways and facilities are maintained and accessible to its residents.  The BMKCSD Board of Directors hold a regular monthly meeting, which is held typically the third Thursday of every month, and special meetings as required; notifications are posted on the marquee and District office.