We continue to move forward and re-building this committee. The most difficult challenge of devolving and maintaining the critical program if getting you to volunteer and become involved! Our community is always in a state of flux as people move. The ERT’s goal is to ensure the safety of the people and property within our boundaries. This year we have already secured 12 communication radios, a portable generator, a water pump and some medical supplies. We have already begun reaching out to the Novato Fire Department and the Marin County Office of Emergency Services. However, a lot more work needs to be done and we need volunteers.

Every individual has value to add to the program. We are currently looking for volunteers who can offer any support. No one will be pressured to perform any task which they may be uncomfortable or unsuited to perform. Please sign up online to be or contact the District Manager at ncamargo@bmkcsd.us to sign up, or stop by the District Office.

Helpful Resources/Links
Get Ready Marin Plan and Preparation http://readymarin.org/plan-prepare/
Build an emergency checklist http://readymarin.org/dev/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/Build-a-Kit_readymarin.pdf

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