The District received this email from State Coastal Conservancy project manager Russ Barnes in regards to the BMK5 Hamilton Wetland Restoration Project:

“I wanted to let you know that the BMK Unit V Phase 1 project has been deemed “essential” and the contractor will be remobilizing as planned beginning Wednesday, April 1.

Please let the residents know.

We will be restructuring the lower gate to allow for wider loads to pass.

As before, large vehicles will be working on site and visibility can be limited so, please, encourage your residents to stay on the upper levee road and to keep pets on leashes,  We do not want anyone, two legged or four legged, getting hurt…”

If you have any questions please refer to the SCC website and sign up to receive emails regarding updates to this project. Russ Barnes contact information is also available on the site.

Hamilton Wetlands and Bel Marin Keys Unit V Restoration

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