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The 3 Ramp controlled access gates operate with the same sequence.

1. Hold keycard up to 4” away from the reader located on the street side of the gates (Bahama Reef – Right side, Dolphin and Calypso – Left side)

2. The gate will then open and proceed into the ramp area

  • The gate will remain open for 1 minute or if the vehicle/trailer is on the ramp over the hold open sensors
  • If the gate closes you in while launching a vessel upon completion pull ahead to the Yellow line. The gate will open and hold for 1 minute then close after the vehicle/trailer has passed through the gate.


  •  Stand in the path of the Gate Track while in motion
  • Do not try to manually stop the gate from opening or closing
  • The gates are equipped with sensors that will stop if an obstruction is in it’s path

When in doubt please call one of the numbers listed below before making a bad decision. Thank You for following the protocol and Safe Boating!

If you have any issues operating the gate please call the following.
BMKCSD Office (415) 883-4222 | Mon – Fri 8:00am – 4:00pm