Bel Marin Keys Community Center
Rental Type and Fees. Reservation of the Community Center requires a completed application, full payment, and a Certificate of Liability Insurance naming BMKCSD as an additional insured.

Bel Marin Keys Community Services District reserves the right to refuse rental to any activity or event in accordance with applicable rental policy. The Community Center is only available to BMK residents and the Renter must maintain attendance throughout the event. No event may exceed a total of six hours.

The Community Center has two types of rentals

  1. Full Rental including the kitchen
  2. Community-oriented Bare Room rental

Community Center Full Rental including the kitchen fees

  • $50 per hour for a minimum of 3 hours- no event may extend beyond 6 hours (music must end by 9pm Sunday through Thursday; and 10pm Friday and Saturday)
  • The Monitor Fee (required for weekends and after-hours events) is $25 per hour
  • $450 for Security Damage Deposit is required on a separate check
  • $200 for Clean-Up is required as the standard clean-up fee
    Rental includes:  Use of kitchen, Outdoor deck, Rectangular Banquet Tables, and Chairs

Community Center Bare Room Rentals are available for events that are solely for the benefit of BMK residents – “Community-Oriented” – events/gatherings. Kitchen use is not included.

There is no charge to the organizations other than a monitor fee if required during other than normal business hours.

The following Conditions apply

  • Tables and chairs must be returned to storage area by the Renter
  • No corporate/business commercial events, or events involving the sale of anything
  • Event minimum time is three hours; maximum time is six hours (2 hours for Set-up/Break-down)
  • Normal clean-up fee deposit is required

All Fees and deposits are to be paid to BMKCSD. If event extends beyond the paid number of hours, the Renter will be required to pay the balance. Damage to property will be deducted from the Security Deposit. Please check with staff if you have any questions.

Certificate of Liability Insurance
Sponsoring residents must maintain attendance at the event and are personally responsible for the proper use of the Community Center and any damages. The sponsoring resident assumes all liability for the event and must provide a Certificate of Liability Insurance naming the BMKCSD as an additional insured (e.g., ACORD 25), prior to the event.

Application and Reservation form