North Lagoon & Lock Closed to Motorized Vessels

Permitting agencies have granted a one-time only extension to 12/15 for dredging activities in the North Lagoon with the stipulation that water will not be exchanged between the Creek and the North Lagoon. Pursuant to the extension, Dixon Marine Services will require no motorized vessels Monday through Friday in the North Lagoon. Residents may use motorized vessels in the North Lagoon on weekends, but the North Lock shall remained closed until 12/15.

Yacht Club Website/News Coming Soon

The Bel Marin Keys Yacht Club Website is currently under construction but shall be up and running soon. On the website, you will find in depth information about individual clubs, events, and ways that you can get involved.

BMK’s Emergency Lock Repair Crew

BMK’s Emergency Lock Repair Crew [Chris Fehring, Terry Friesen, Michael Gadoua, Vince Lattanzio, Rocco Lattanzio, Steve Nash, Dan Retz] responded Saturday morning to address and remedy a boating hazard at the South Lock. The locks underwent some general maintenance and both are now safe to navigate.

State Route 37 Corridor Planning and Environmental Linkages Study – December 2022

Dear Residents,
Caltrans published published it’s Planning and Environmental Linkage Study (PEL), addressing flooding, sea level rise, congestion, ecosystem connectivity and public access. The goal of the study is to develop planning alternatives for transportation, activities, and projects, as well as, to help understand short-term and long-term solutions for sea level rise and extreme weather events. We’ve attached the report here:  sr37-pel-study-dec2022-ada-a11y