State Route 37 Corridor Planning and Environmental Linkages Study – December 2022

Dear Residents,
Caltrans published published it’s Planning and Environmental Linkage Study (PEL), addressing flooding, sea level rise, congestion, ecosystem connectivity and public access. The goal of the study is to develop planning alternatives for transportation, activities, and projects, as well as, to help understand short-term and long-term solutions for sea level rise and extreme weather events. We’ve attached the report here:  sr37-pel-study-dec2022-ada-a11y

2045 Future Capital Project needs_draft list

Future Capital needs: The BMK CSD Board of Directors has drafted a list of future capital projects needs for the community. We are asking residents to take a look at the list and should residents see a project to be added please submit comment to the District Manager ( Please stay toned for future informational meetings on the future needs of the community. 2045 cap project _draft_web